The prime lineaments of the MetaMask Chrome extension

  With the increasing user base, the teams involved in the crypto trade are looking for other ways of expanding their services and approaches to help user’s in accessing their services. MetaMask also thought of widening its approach of providing the users with several platforms through which they can operate their trade activities, and extensions are the result of this concern only. Out of the few launched extensions that support wallet operations, there is one that gained a huge user base within a short time, and this document is relating to the specifications that it holds. MetaMask Chrome extension gained unexpected popularity but do you know what are the basic attributes of this extension? No worries, we have got them covered for you. To check what are the prime attributes of this extension, read the gathered information in this document to the very end. Getting a preface about it… MetaMask Browser extension  is one of the most successful, highly-recognized, and secure browser exte

MetaMask extension- Your perfect destination for storing ETH and ERC tokens

  If you are someone who deals in Ethereum-based crypto assets, then you need to make sure that you opt for safe storage for them. And, in this context, there is nothing that could beat the security level offered by the   MetaMask wallet . There are two ways through which you can get started with using this wallet- One is by installing the MetaMask extension and the other one is by using its Mobile application. So, if you are also planning to use this wallet, you'll surely need some guidance during the pathway. So, here I am with some of the most important tutorials to aid you. But, before I take you on the stroll to these tutorials, I would like you to know that this read is exclusively going to be all about the  MetaMask extension  which you can download on different web browsers including Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. Hence, if you are working with one such browser, then you can refer to the following guidelines to start your journey with the  MetaMask extension . Lea

MetaMask Wallet - How to pay a lower gas fee for transactions?

  We know that for making any MetaMask transaction through the wallet you have to pay gas fees for it. But Ethereum gas fees are always high. People are always looking for ways by which they can reduce this fee. Everyone wants to pay less, nobody wants to pay extra. So it is important to know about some methods that you can try to reduce your Ethereum gas fees that are charged on   MetaMask Wallet . Let’s dive into the blog to learn about such processes. What are Gas Fees? For those who don’t know the basics of the working of crypto then you must continue reading this blog. The stakeholders working on the Ethereum blockchain network for processing the transactions are paid this gas fee for their work. Transactions such as transferring ETH or making smart contracts, etc. The standard unit in which gas fees are measured is Gwei. It is just a small part of the Ethereum. In exact numbers, just one ETH is equal to one quintillion wei.  Read About : " MetaMask Extension  is getting popu

Resolve the stuck transaction issue on the MetaMask extension

  MetaMask has been designed in such a way that it does not give you any kind of technical glitches on your way to use this wallet. The team that works behind this platform makes sure that you are always provided with an upgraded experience which smooth and free of glitches. But, you may not always have a smooth experience on the platform and thus, you may start facing some issues while using the available features. Hence, in this article, I am going to elaborate on the topic of issues that you might face while making a transaction through the  MetaMask extension . Well, some users have recently come across a situation where they are not able to make a transaction or their transaction gets "Stuck" or shows a "Pending" status. Well, there could be some known as well as unknown reasons behind this problem. But, most of the time, this happens due to the network congestion. So, if you are wondering why you are not able to make a transaction through your  MetaMask extens